Center of Excellence for
advanced Fetal care

Our aim is to care for the unborn and help you provide them with the best possible life after birth.

The CENTER provides service and care for women who may be carrying a baby with an abnormality. The baby might have a structural problem (for example, an abnormality such as a cleft lip, heart defect or kidney problems), or a growth or development problems.

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Welcome to AIFMRG

Our institute is one of the premier center for Advanced Fetal Care and has world-class clinical and research facility. It offers best care to the fetus and the unborn's family by giving immediate access to the latest medical services. This includes our state-of-art prenatal diagnostic services, where patients can avail 4D obstetric ultrasound and screening tests, as early as in the first trimester of pregnancy. The Center has rapidly gained a repute of being a premier resource in the field of fetal medicine - care and support of the unborn.

This Center is one of the best choices for evaluation and treatment of fetal abnormalities. By testing and identifying the fetal abnormalities at the earliest, you can provide your baby the best prospects for treatment and proper care in the intrauterine period and also after birth.

Pregnant women with complications during antenatal period can turn to the fetal medicine specialists at our Center to seek best of advice and care for co-management.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find this web-site useful and that it provides best answers to your questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional assistance. We look forward for your feedback.