Feto-maternal Doppler Study

Feto-maternal Doppler ultrasound provides a non-invasive method for the study of fetal hemodynamics.(Blood flow). study of the uterine and umbilical arteries gives information on the perfusion of the uteroplacental and fetoplacental circulations, respectively, while Doppler studies of selected fetal organs are valuable in detecting the hemodynamic rearrangements blood flow changes that occur in response to fetal hypoxemia(decreased oxygen supply to the fetus)

Aim of Doppler study

  • To measure velocities in fetal & maternal vessels
  • To detect velocimetry of uteroplacental &fetoplacental circulation
  • To predict fetal hypoxemia,asphyxia
  • To predict perinatal outcome
  • To predict fetal anemia
  • To detect cardiac anomalies
  • To detect cord malformation